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Take your bike to the limits of performance and beyond with the Distanzia AM43/AM44 tyres from Avon. With a focus on on-off road efficiency and performance, the Distanzia AM43/AM44 tyres are designed to ensure rugged performance while increasing reliability on both dry and wet driving conditions.

  • Distanzia AM43/AM44 comes with the supermoto version ideal for street-legal supermoto bikes
  • Designed with a super soft compound to ensure sufficient grip whilst offering maximum performance. The high mileage compound also ensures reliability especially for long distance touring purposes.
  • The Distanzia AM43/AM44 also comes with dual-front sport tyre version ideal for dual sport machines with larger capacities.
  • Improved straight line stability and cornering due to the Variabl Density construction

Give your bike an appropriate set of tyres for both on-off road performances.