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Avon exhibits the best of both worlds with the highly-acclaimed Storm 2 Ultra tyres. Improving performance while raising mileage, the Storm 2 Ultra motorcycle tyres are designed to give you full control of your riding experience. Drive safely on both dry and wet surfaces while improving comfort, and reliability.

  • Optimize your mileage - the Storm 2 Ultra AV55/AV56 tyres utilize Super Rich Silica treads for rear tyres to increase longevity up to 12%.
  • Advanced innovations on zero degree belting with dynamic stresses are finely tuned to improve grip and traction.
  • Enjoy long lasting performance and consistency from start to finish.

The Storm 2 Ultra motorbike tyre is synonymous to State of the Art. For a very affordable price, enjoy increased performance and comfort without sacrificing longevity and mileage.