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Avon TrailRider AV53/AV54

Avon’s latest tyre range, the TrailRider, features the very latest technological advancements in Adventure Tyre design.

This is an Adventure tyre range where wet weather performance meets extended durability.

What to expect when fitting these tyres:

  • Avon TrailRider AV53/AV54 for extra mileage compared to previous generations of Avon Adventure Bike tyres (i.e. the Distanzia).
  • The Avon TrailRider AV53/AV54 range of tyres features advanced, Super Rich Silica Compound utilizing the very latest compound technology developments, greatly enhancing grip in the wet.
  • Avon TrailRider AV54 Rear radial tyres feature a Multi-compound tread that enhances mileage and grip.
  • Next generation carcass construction and compounds, enhance grip / handling under all conditions and road surfaces (featuring a 90% on-road, 10% off-road concept).
  • 3D SIPES technology applied on radial tyres, features interlocking 3D points concealed within the sipes of the tyre improving grip and stability whilst limiting tread flex, promoting quick warm up times.

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