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For cruisers in the heavyweight category, the Venom AM41/AM42 tyres offer superior durability, efficiency, and stability on any road conditions. The Venom AM41/AM42 tyres are known for their low noise levels while offering superior stability for cornering. The Venom AM41/AM42 comes in a wide range of sizes ideal for cruisers. With reinforced fitments, the Venom AM41/AM42 tyres are capable of supporting bikes with heavy loads.

  • The Venom AM41/AM42 tyres utilize a unique sequential tread design to ensure quite ride.
  • The innovative casing ensures cool running, better mileage, and improved rolling resistance.
  • The unique sidewall design includes a snake logo with an included white wall and arrow

For quiet, durable, and stable cruising experience, the Venom AM41/AM42 tyres are your go-to options for high quality driving results.