Continental has revamped their ContiRoadAttack range of tyres.

The new range is predictively, called the ContiRoadAttack 2!

These new tyres are all about grand touring; FAST!

New technology applied has made these new tyres better than ever.

Higher sustained top speeds with ease, more comfortable ride; less stopping distance, better acceleration as well as enhanced cornering and grip are some of the updated main features of the new tyre range versus the old one.

On top of the above, this new range of tyres comes with a twist (!):

Continental, instead of proceeding with ‘just’ replacing the old tyre range with a single line of products, it has replaced it with 4!

To epxain:

1. ContiRoadAttack 2 is the standard tyre range, suitable for most bikes and riding styles.

2. ContiRoadAttack 2 GT is an optimized tyre range, made exclusively for heavier touring and naked bikes featuring a more wear resisting compound.

3. ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO range of motorcycle tyres offers enhanced grip in the wet.

4. ContiRoadAttack 2 CR range of tyres includes all common Classic Endurance Racing tyre dimensions with a much racier compound for extreme grip as well as featuring a special carcass construction for optimised road feedback.

Now, the only question is, for which out of the above 4 motorcycle tyre ranges should you go for?!

The choice is yours!