The verdict is in – Dunlop’s latest tyre range, the Sportsmart² is a worthy successor to Dunlop’s popular Sportsmart.


Dunlop has improved the tyre in certain key areas:


1.       The new tyre range is now much more versatile, appealing to more riders and newer bikes than ever before

2.       Ride comfort has been improved

3.       Handling has also been improved

4.       Top speed capability has been enhanced

5.       The tyres are also much safer in the Wet now


All of the above have been achieved without sacrificing grip, tyre endurance and track capability.


Dunlop also claims to have improved tyre manufacturing technique with a more consistent tyre output as a result.

Tyre fitters won't have to spend too much time fitting these new tyres now because balancing the tyres will be much easier as they won’t be forced to use too much balancing weight on to your bike’s wheels – something that’s unacceptable.


These new tyres are also 7% lighter than their predecessors.


Reviewers have been praising these new tyres for being nimbler, grippier especially in the wet and easier to handle at high speeds.


More reviews will be coming in in due time.


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