Dunlop’s latest tyre range, the SportSmart², features the very latest technological advancements in Sports tyre design.

With technology derived straight form the race track, these new tyres offer everything a biker needs: Comfort, Extreme handling, Grip in both the dry and the wet as well as High speed handling and durability.

What to expect when fitting these tyres:

  • The rear Dunlop SportSmart² tyre, offers enhanced grip & cornering in both the dry & the wet due to Multi-Tread technology as well as specific shoulder compound.
  • The front Dunlop SportSmart² tyre, offers enhanced water drainage & thus improved wet performance due to a reversed direction centre tyre pattern.
  • The front Dunlop SportSmart² tyre, also delivers when it comes to cornering & enhanced handling due to its newly designed & uniquely shaped construction.
  • Dunlop SportSmart² tyres, deliver as well when it comes to ride comfort, by using JLB & JLT technologies resulting in fewer components being used, new tyre shapes as well as lighter tyres.

You will also find out when riding on these tyres that you can achieve & sustain with ease high speeds safely.

Please click the link next to see and order these tyres now: DUNLOP SPORTSMART²