Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra

Metzeler announced a new tyre range – namely, the ME 888 Marathon Ultra.


This new tyre range is for those unique, custom touring motorcycles out there!

Derived from Metzeler’s extensive experience in motorbike tyre manufacturing – this new range of tyres features a completely new design & technological approach.

As always, the very latest rubber and tyre technology, engineering & design have been implemented.

Metzeler claims that this new tyre range offers enhanced handling, extended grip under all weather / road conditions as well as increased mileage and stability due to a new tread design as well as a new tyre profile & carcass geometry.  These offerings are said to last till the very end of these new tyres’ life.  

Some of the enhanced features offered by this unique range of tyres include (in detail):

  • Vastly increased mileage and performance by range-specific tread design.
  • Extreme stability as well as smooth handling under all loads and speed due to a newly designed profile, featuring a wider, shorter footprint.
  • Consistent performance throughout the tyre’s life due to the recently developed X-Ply carcass profile & geometry.

    Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra motorcycle tyres come highly recommended from professionals & amateurs alike.

    Upgrade your motorcycle & get it on a safe journey by fitting these new tyres!

    It will be an investment worthwhile!


    Metzeler’s ME 888 Marathon Ultra tyre range can be found here