Metzeler Sportec Klassik

Metzeler has just announced a new tyre range – namely, the Sportec Klassik.


This tyre range is for those vintage and classic motorcycles many people across the planet cherish and love.

This new tyre range, although designed for vintage and classic motorcycles, is by no means vintage when it comes to the technology that’s behind it!

The very latest rubber and tyre technology, tyre engineering and tyre design have been implemented.

By careful design and by featuring a newly-developed tread layout geometry, tyre to road contact area has been enlarged thus providing better grip and handling, faster acceleration as well as enchanced braking performance.

Metzeler is proud of their new addition, claiming that this new tyre range offers precision, ride comfort and stability no matter what the weather conditions are like. These offerings are said to last till the very end of the tyre’s life.

This new tyre range also offers longer mileage than many competitor products.


Upgrade your vintage motorcycle and have it fast-forwarded to the 21st century by fitting these new tyres!

You won’t regret it!


Metzeler’s tyre range can be found here

The Sportec Klassik range of tyres will be available early next year.