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Sleek and unique, the Battlax BT-020 tyre is a sport touring tyre that was enhanced for those who desire a dedicated touring tyre. Expect that the Battlax BT-020 tyre can offer incredible mileage throughout its usage and also improved performance on the road.

  • The Battlax BT-020 utilizes a unique mono-spiral belt structure that provides unparalleled stability as well as shock absorption.
  • The Battlax BT-020 also was incorporated with silica compounds to ensure top notch grip on wet and dry riding conditions.
  • Expect good mileage and solid performance especially for touring purposes.
  • The thoroughness of the design ensures that the tyre will maintain the same contact no matter.

Give your bike that added power, functionality, and reliability through the Battlax BT-020. Give your tire sufficient power and reliability to ensure top notch performance on any road condition.