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A tyre design for Touring and Sport Riding having advantages over consistent, high-level performance, wear life, grip and control! Bridgestone production includes new features, over safety in the wet, balanced performance and other are available with the Battlax BT-023 motorcycle tyre. The technology found in the triple compound rubber has been proven to provide ample tyre life.

  • Full specifications around sport touring, offering balanced performance between high-speed cruising and sport riding grip and steering response.
  • Comfort unlike any other is an outstanding feature providing bump absorption and low noise riding experience.
  • Three compound or 3LC technology of Bridgestone found in the BT-023 tyre, provides great stability and wear life especially in the centre while maintaining grip on the shoulder of the tyre while cornering. The RC polymer ensures performance without compromising on the wet.
  • Tread Pattern boost stability while the tyre matures.
  • The Battlax BT-023 comes with increased wet wear life with the Silica Plus RC compound.