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Make your scooters looking more stylish, modern, and efficient with the Bridgestone Hoop tyres. The modern style and appeal of this tyre makes it an ideal option for those seeking great looking scooters without sacrificing performance and reliability. For riders who like quality and cost effectiveness, this is a brilliant solution for your money.

  • For a scooter tyre, the Hoop tyre from Bridgestone is right on the money with the quality and efficiency of the product.
  • It carries a sharp, sporty appeal that can perform well on wet weather conditions. enjoy the sleek appeal of the Hoop tyres fitting for all around purposes.
  • The Hoop has been designed for scooters, particularly those modern looking types that most modern users own. This is an ideal every day scooter tyre and easily installs. This is considered as one of the most favoured replacement tyres from the brand.