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The flagship model from Bridgestone’s BATTLAX brand of tyres, the Battlax R10 is a winning formula for racing success. With a sleek modern design and impressive stability on dry circuit conditions, the R10 tyres are truly award winners for those who seek perfect riding results.

  • The R10 tyres offer progressive grip performance with its unique tread pattern and 3D grooves. Increase acceleration and braking efficiency with the R10.
  • The R10 has been constructed for flexibility to ensure effective warm up lower traction and more effective grip
  • The crown profile and construction of the Battlax R10 offers effective tuning as well as acceleration while cornering.
  • The R10 offers impressive control due to the vertical grooves around the rear especially while entering corners.
  • The finely tuned design and unique rubber compounds can offer maximum flexibility.