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Bridgestone Battlax S20

Bridgestone introduced the Battlax S20 tyres as a way to create a solution for tyres that offer better grip, increased warm-up times, and more reliable wet performance. The S20 tyres are described as a perfect solution for the hyper sport market of bikes. Experts consider the Bridgestone S20 motorcycle tyres as impressive options for those seeking reliable stability and grip as well as its gradual corner turn ins. When the desired temperature has been reached, expect some amazing performance of both front and rear tyres on dry surface.

  • The S20 includes a new pattern that is ideal to ensure comfortable handling and improved grip for both dry and wet surfaces.
  • The S20 also utilizes the NanoPro-Tech which was improved to boost wear time and also optimize the grip performance.
  • The Three-Layer Compound also ensures optimum grip while improving the life of the tyre.