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Conti Road Attack 120/60 ZR17 55(W) Front

Conti Road Attack 120/60 ZR17 55(W) Front

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The Conti Road Attack 120/60 ZR17 contains a unique zero degree steel belt wire that allows it to offer incredible performance similar to that of a sports tyre while also offering the longevity of a touring tyre. Give your ride an additional power while ensuring longevity with the Conti Road Attack tyres.

  • The Conti Road Attack motorcycle tyre uses a unique compound to ensure excellent grip on both wet and dry conditions. The Conti Road Attack is a great investment for both sports riding and all year round touring activities.

  • The Conti Road Attack also offers superior riding comfort with additional safety reserves due to the unique zero degree technology on the carcass.

  • Enjoy balanced behaviour and light handling no matter what the road conditions may be.

Tyre size: 120/60 ZR17

Speed Index: (W)

Load Index: 55

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  • Conti Road Attack 120/60 ZR17 55(W) Front