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SKU: RS12070ZR18DU
Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II 120/70 ZR18 59(W) Front

Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II 120/70 ZR18 59(W) Front

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The Sportmax Roadsmart II by Dunlop suggests a brand new standard for al all around excellence and balance especially for the most discriminating drivers. The Sportmax Roadsmart II serves as a premium touring tyre that combines improved mileage and an all-rounder attribute into a high class tyre.

  • The Sportmax Roadsmart II 120/70 ZR18 now offers incredible performance for those who like to seek adventure and freedom with the necessary safety factors, grip, and stability.

  • The Sportmax Roadsmart II 120 70 ZR18 can handle all weather and surface conditions while also providing riders confidence in riding a truly high quality and top notch experience.

  • The Sportmax Roadsmart II has been designed to fit sports oriented touring bikes

  • Enjoy superior braking distances on both wet and dry surfaces.

Tyre size: 120/70 ZR18

Speed Index: (W)

Load Index: 59

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