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Dunlop Trailmax Enduro the Aggressive Looking Tyre for the Off Roader. When you fit your trail bike with two Dunlop Trailmax Enduro tyres, you are ready to ride on any difficult terrain no matter whether it is rocky or muddy. Due to their high quality they are being used as original equipment in some makes of motorcycles.

There are a few reasons for the success of this high quality tyre.

  • It is suitable for both on road and off road riding.
  • It offers good grip even on rocky terrain.
  • It also offers long tread life.

Nylon ply construction offered by Dunlop Trailmax Enduro tyre is one of the reasons for it to provide enhanced confidence and better grip on any terrain. It is used as OM equipment by many reputed makes of motorcycles due to these good properties.