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Are you considering taking your adventure tourer or trail bike to somewhere more adventurous? If it was just a thought before, the Trailmax TR91 tyre from Dunlop can definitely offer that possibility for riders. The Trailmax TR91 from Dunlop blends all necessary know-how for dirt tyres and dual purpose tyres to create a uniquely engineered innovation that offers new experiences to riders.

  • The Trailmax TR91 tyre comes with a jointless belt construction on both the front and the rear to ensure optimum shock absorption and stability
  • The Trailmax TR91 motorcycle tyre also includes a specific block design that offers the best performance, on or off the road.
  • Aromatic oil free rubber compound is used to ensure environmental safety
  • The Trailmax TR91 has also been tested on numerous dial purpose bikes to ensure efficiency and performance.