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Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres

Metzeler is a world leader in motorcycle tyre manufacturing based in Germany.

Founded in 1863, Metzeler has produced a variety of rubber and plastic products through the years.
Having gone through their ups and downs, since 1979, Metzeler has kept its focus on motorcycle tyres solely.
Today, Metzeler operates under the umbrella of Pirelli.

The tyres Metzeler produces are highly regarded by professionals and amateurs alike for their build quality, ride comfort, grip, extended mileage, advanced technology, road feedback as well as for the ride safety on offer under all conditions.

Metzeler’s tyres stand out mostly due to the passion of their makers – being avid motorcycle riders themselves.
Their heritage as well as their international success in many esteemed competitive events is a guarantee of the quality as well as the performance of their products.

Never hesitate buying a Metzeler set of tyres! You surely won’t regret it.