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The Enduro 3 Sahara is an endure-type tyre that offers the best on-road performance and has been designed to address the needs of globetrotters who desire to ride their bikes almost anywhere they go. This is a fantastic investment for riders who are seeking fun, and are always on the go for new adventures out there.

  • The Enduro 3 Sahara tyre utilizes a unique tread compound to ensure that there is a perfect mix of on-road cornering stability while also ensuring traction off the road.
  • A uniquely geometric tread pattern has been implemented tom ensure self-cleaning efficiency, while also improving accuracy and stability without getting in trouble with softer, muddier landscapes.
  • The Enduro 3 Sahara tyre has been designed to handle the bike a lot better. Also, enjoy easier cornering and safety when riding within the limit.