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Metzeler ME 880 Marathon

The ME 880 Marathon by Metzeler is the premium line designed for cruisers as well as heavy touring bikes. The ME 880 Marathon tyre features innovative construction while also offering a visually stunning look that is both functional and fashionable at once.

  • The ME 880 Marathon tyre uses a soft compound that allows higher grip to effectively utilize greater torque output while also optimizing control to the bike.
  • The ME 880 Marathon carries a specially made carcass innovation that ensures outstanding comfort on the road while keeping the bike’s stability no matter how fast your ride is. Even with heavy load, the ME 880 Marathon performs excellently, making it ideal for long distance rides.
  • Its unique tread design with an offset groove at the centre increases the bike’s mileage so you can have a longer riding experience with your pair of tyres.