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SKU: PR12070ZR17MC
Michelin Pilot Road 3 120/70 ZR18 59(W) Front

Michelin Pilot Road 3 120/70 ZR18 59(W) Front

The 120/70 ZR18 Pilot Road 3 serves as the new benchmark for high performance tyres a new, improved version of its predecessor, the Pilot Road 2. Experience the unrivalled performance, grip, and tyre life of the Pilot Road 3 to ensure long life, incredible endurance, and reliability for both dry and wet conditions. The Pilot Road 3 tyres are designed to work as your all-rounder set of tyres.

  • The Pilot Road 3 tyres utilize the unique Michelin XST sipes that allow the tyres to function on both wet and dry conditions. That means you have a tyre you can use for pretty much the whole year round on different road conditions.

  • The Pilot Road 3 120/70/ZR18 utilizes a double blade design to effectively optimize the cutting effect of the sipes.

  • The Pilot Road 3 tyres also have full depth sipes that are most beneficial in keeping the longevity of the tyres. The unique 15 degree angle ensures regular wear and tear which eventually maximizes the life of the tyres.

Tyre size: 120/70 ZR18

Speed Index: (W)

Load Index: 59

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Michelin PR3 Review by Panbikerboy
Tread Life
Mostly Sports Touring 2 Up and luggage. 6500 mile on rear just legal. Front has 1000 miles left but will replace as pair. Riding ST1300 -No concerns through all conditions will replace with same.

Previously on Pilot Road 2 managed about 500-1000 less miles (Posted on 21/06/2013)

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