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A further improvement from the popular Pilot Power model, the Pilot Power 2CT tyres infuse two compound technologies into the equation for a more powerful performance. The Pilot Power 2CT uses the 2CT technology that originated in the MotoGP racing, the Pilot Power 2CT tyre is designed to handle highly demanding sport bike activities in which the bikes are used on track days and on the road.

  • The Pilot Power 2CT uses a tread surface divided into 3 different sections that incorporate additional 2 rubber compounds. The compounds are ideal for numerous reasons such as better lean angle, dry grip, progressive acceleration, braking on wet surface, and handling.
  • The Pilot Power 2CT uses 20% soft rubber on the mix around the edges, to ensure superior cornering grip
  • Dry test track results reveal 51.2 degree lean angles.
  • Experience better feedback and precision handling