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Pirelli Diablo Wet 120/70 R17 Front

120/70 R17

Pirelli Diablo Wet 190/60 R17 Rear

190/60 R17

Pirelli Diablo Wet

A tyre designed exclusively for the race track. It merges the aspects of sporting bike features with that of professional riding tyre functionality. This is not ideal for street use and should be used for track days or racing purposes only.

  • The Diablo Wet serves as the official tyre of the world Superbike championship and is dedicated for the top bikers across the world for the sporting users who are seeking top performing bikes for intermediate surfaces.
  • It utilizes the best compounds and unique tread pattern designs that offer quality traction as well as precision performance on wet or damp asphalt
  • Enjoy top notch stability as well as grip at any inclination or angle with consistent performance from start to the end of the race.