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Scorpion MX

An icon and a true evocation of the Pirelli Heritage, the Scorpion MX has been part of the racing world for decades already. For extreme competitions and riding conditions, the innovation of Pirelli for top notch products has resulted to the creation of the Scorpion MX tyres. The Scorpion MX has been bred specifically for racing purposes and addresses a wide range of terrains ideal to meet the demands of serious racing competitors. It carries 6 tread patterns that are highly efficient on the softest mud or sand or the hardest of rocks and packed soils.

The Scorpion MX comes with the following innovations:

  • The Scorpion MX Soft 410 for sand and mud
  • The Midsoft 32 for mud, sand, grass and gravel
  • The midhard 554 for loose and hard-packed surfaces
  • The hard 486 for rocky environments and stones.