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Pirelli ST 66 120/70 14 55P Rear

120/70 14

Pirelli ST 66 110/80 16 55S Front

110/80 16

Pirelli ST 66 140/70 16 65S Rear

140/70 16

Pirelli ST 66 110/80 16 55P Front

110/80 16

The ST 66 by Pirelli that has been designed to ensure top performance even for every day usage. The ST 66 is an ideal tyre if you want some added stability and reliability especially when riding across the countryside.

  • The ST 66 has been created to fit mid and high performance scooters that are used within the city in which you can experience faster performance and control even on hard asphalt surfaces, no matter the weather situation may be.
  • The ST 66 has a front tyre with considerably large central channel to provide more intuitive handling as well as top notch performance even on wet surfaces.
  • The rear tyre of the ST 66 has considerably large blocks along the central part. Its increased depth to ensure a really comfortable ride while also extending the wear of the tyre.