SKU: CO15080R17HAV
Avon Cobra AV71 150/80 R17 72H Front

Avon Cobra AV71 150/80 R17 72H Front

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Enjoy incomparable style, design, and efficiency for cruisers, tourers, and customs with this Avon Cobra tyre. Designed specifically for the touring and cruising market, the Cobra AV71 is designed to ensure nimble handling by incorporating aspects of sports tyre innovations. The Cobra AV71 tyres are designed with durability and performance in mind, with a specially designed product ideal for heavy loads.

  • The Cobra AV71 tyres are perfect for touring due to the focus on longevity and stability in designing the product.

  • The 150/80/17 Cobra bears a snakeskin effect on the sidewall matched with aggressive treading for maximum grip and control.

  • The Cobra comes with a variety of sizes ideal for custom bikes.

  • Enjoy quiet, reliable, and superior handling for quality results.

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Tyre size: 150/80 R17

Speed Index: H

Load Index: 72

Tubeless Tyre

Front Tyre

Change the size of the tyre


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