SKU: VIP120701556SAV
Avon Viper Stryke AM63 120/70 15 56S Front

Avon Viper Stryke AM63 120/70 15 56S Front

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Make your scooter more efficient, reliable, and attractive with this set of Avon Viper Stryke AM63 120/70 15 tyre. Specially made for scooters, the Viper Stryke AM63 tyres look extremely modern and stylish, but with all the extra benefits of an Avon-brand tyre. With an impressive looking style and superior tyre life, this is a true investment for those who seek quality tyres.

  • The Viper Stryke 120/70 15 AM63 offers impressive stability on the road

  • If you use your scooter for long distance commuting, you can expect that the Viper Stryke AM63 can outperform generic brands.

  • A true value for your money, the Viper Stryke AM63 costs a lot more compared to other products.

  • Enjoy sure-footed handling with the 120/70 15 Viper Stryke AM63 to fit your needs.
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Tyre size: 120/70 15

Speed Index: S

Load Index: 56

Front Tyre

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