Michelin Pilot Power 120/60 ZR17 55(W) Front

Michelin Pilot Power 120/60 ZR17 55(W) Front

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It is always a challenge to find the best tyre for any sports bike since you have to balance the gains and losses with each selection. The Pilot Power by Michelin is a unique innovation that stands out from the crowd by providing the best of both worlds. Enjoy balanced performance while ensuring more value for your money with its long tread life. The unique mono compound ensures better grip and ultimately, bang for your buck.

  • The Pilot Power 120/60 ZR17 tyre uses a mono-compound rubber that enable faster warm up times.

  • The Pilot Power tyre utilizes the softest rubber mix to ensure incredible grip, as well as improved performance even if the tyre has already suffered some wear and tear from usage.
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Tyre size: 120/60 ZR17

Speed Index: (W)

Load Index: 55

Tubeless Tyre

Front Tyre

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