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Conti TKC80 Twinduro 2.50-21 48S Front Reinforced

Conti TKC80 Twinduro 2.50-21 48S Front Reinforced

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Built for endurance, the Conti TKC80 Twinduro is the perfect investment for those who want a tried and tested tyre innovation that can handle both on and off-road condition excellently. The Conti TKC80 2.50-21 Twinduro tyre is perfect enduring tyre option for riders who want tyres that are reliable, easy to maintain and has tons of mileage to it.

  • The Conti TKC80 Twinduro has been tested for both competitions and long haul drives so be it a long drive ahead or a challenging obstacle to traverse, expect the Conti TKC80 Twinduro to perform.

  • The 2.50-21 tyre is easy to maintain thanks to the unique self-cleaning tread design.

  • Enjoy high levels of stability on the side particularly on soft surfaces.

  • Enjoy better mileage and more effective on-road handling.
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Tyre size: 2.50/N/A 21

Speed Index: S

Load Index: 48

Tubetype Tyre

Front Tyre

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