SKU: RS12070R17ME
Metzeler Racetec Slick K2 Medium 120/70 R17 Front NHS

Metzeler Racetec Slick K2 Medium 120/70 R17 Front NHS

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The Racetec Slick tyres are specifically designed and improved to ensure racetrack performance and stability especially for high speed riding.

  • The 120/70 R17 Racetec Slick tyre has a unique contour on the front tyre that was developed to ensure better handling, precision turn-in, easier riding experience, and more stability.

  • The rear tyre of the Racetec Slick has been engineered with a unique contour to enhance the performance of modern super bikes that are able to support acceleration at full power.

  • The Racetec Slick racing tyre also utilizes a range of compounds that have been developed to ensure better adaptability to numerous road situations. Expect the best grip with the Racetec Slick 120/70 R17.
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Tyre size: 120/70 R17

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