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Metzeler Tourance Next 110/80 R19 M/C 59V TL Front

Metzeler Tourance Next 110/80 R19 M/C 59V TL Front

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Metzeler Tourance Next the Enduro Tyre for the Street

If your need is a tyre for road racing Metzeler Tourance Next 110/80 R19 motorbike tyre is designed for you. It has the following properties on offer for you.

  • It has a new tread pattern.

  • New compounds have been used in its manufacture.

  • It has better profile and structure.

The end result of these innovative ways that have been used on Metzeler Tourance Next tyre is that you get good grip on wet conditions as well as the stability you need. In addition to that you also get better mileage than the previous editions of the same tyre. All things considered this becomes one of the best tyres to be fitted into adventure bikes. It also comes as original equipment in one of the most respected makes of bikes.

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Tyre size: 110/80 R19

Speed Index: V

Load Index: 59

Tubeless Tyre

Front Tyre

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