Tyre Advice

How can I locate which tyre I have on my motorcycle?

A: You should locate the markings found on the sides of the tyre. These markings can be written in different ways, depending on the tyre manufacturer. The most common way written is 180/55ZR18 which means 180 nominal tread width in millimetres, 55 is the height or aspect of the tyre, and the 18 is the diameter of the rims in inches. The letters are the separator. You can easily locate the tyre brand as is written next to the size markings.

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Which size tyres should I buy for my motorcycle?

A: As a rule, most motorcycle tyre manufacturers recommend that you purchase the original sizes of tyre as specified by your motorbike manufacturer. The reason for this is that manufacturers invest in research to decide which tyre size would be the most suitable for the specific motorbike, in terms of safety, efficiency and all other variables that matter the most for a particular model. Whilst it is possible to purchase alternative tyres in relation to size, it is strongly recommended that you consult a motorcycle manufacturer before taking that decision.  

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How much air should I fit in my tyres?

A: This is probably one of the most important questions related to motorcycle tyres which a cyclist should ask after he fits his new tyre. This issue is closely related with your safety as with the life of the actual tyre itself. You should always follow the instructions of your motorbike manufacturer, as tyres carry a specified load for the specific motorcycle.

Check the pressure or inflate the tyres when they are cold, since heat increases the pressure of a tyre as high as 10% resulting in an under inflated tyre.
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Are valve caps necessary?

A: Absolutely yes. Like every other part on a machine, valve caps are significant items as the prevent road dirt from entering the valve stem and damaging the valve core. The best type of valve caps are the high pressure ones, as they could retain inflation in the tyre even if the core of the valve is damaged. It is always better to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

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How often should I inspect my tyres?

A: That would depend on how often you ride your bike. It also depends where you are planning to go. We can say that frequent checks to the tyres, are essential. 

Is "running a tyre in" necessary?

A: We are always looking for our safety when riding our bikes. For optimum performance and safety most manufacturers strongly recommend that motorcyclist should be riding cautiously for the first 100 to 200 km. During these first kilometres, tyres settle on the rim and the tread surface is scuffed-in to function as they should.

Avoid sudden accelerations, hard cornering, and maximum braking during the "running in" phase. After the initial period has passed, tyres should be checked to ensure correct placement and inflation.
The tyres should then be checked to ensure correct seating and inflation. After this initial period, lean-angles and acceleration and braking forces can be gradually increased. Please remember that the tyre works most efficiently after it reaches its operating temperature.  

What is a lettered tyre?

A: A lettered tyre can be identified as a letter which is included in the end of the tyre size markings. 

Tubeless vs Tubetype

A: Tubeless are tyres specifically designed for fitment without an inner tube on appropriate rims. Tubetype are tyres specifically designed for fitment with an inner tube.

If your tyre is tubetype categorised, then purchase an inner tube.